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Blinded from the Sunset

Vision is a gift, which is why I like to take pictures. Capturing the light perfectly, the unusual positions of nature, catching animal smiles, and people’s laughter are all things that need to be shared. Which got me thinking, what if I lost my sight? Blinded in a world of dark and mystery. That is the scariest thing, not monsters or ghosts, but darkness. What if there was a surgery that could let me see for one day only, would I take it? If I was blind, it would be very tempting to not get the surgery. There would be so many things that I would want to experience, to see. A sunset for example, the perfect pallet of orange, yellow, red, and purple blended together as the opening act for the moon. Figuring out what my friends look like, or what I look like! Discovering why people use green as envy, or painting with pretty pink for the first time. After the 24 hours are up, what now? Would I be forced back into the darkness? The sinking feeling when I realize that m y vision is fading, and my surroundings closing in. After seeing all the opportunities, the door closes and I’m alone again, with only memories. I would feel more of an outsider than ever. Stranded with only the desire to go back to the land of texture, colors, and light. I would get the surgery, so I wouldn’t regret it the rest of my life, but if you were blind but could get surgery to see for one day...would you?

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Hunting For Men And Meaning No Country For Old Men

Hunting for Men and Meaning in No Country for Old Men This movie is one of many classic movies that have the ultimate understanding of life and the human physiological behavior. This movie entitles three mechanisms of hunting to describe critical aspects of life, hunting for animals, hunting for men and hunting for meaning. Hunting is the act of tracking and taking a life; this act differs from hunting an animal to a human. This particle can teach a lot of principles like being patient, good timing and the art of tracking. Hunting for an animal is one of the oldest in terms of hunting, it has started since the first human on earth, people hunt animal to feed or to entertain themselves like foxhunting. Hunting is one of many rites of passage in a lot of cultures. In the scene where Llewelyn Moss goes to hunt which relatively he is good at, but reality and the wild is a really harsh place for people who aren’t ready for that action, Llewelyn said before taking the shot â€Å" you hold still â€Å" which actually finally. Llewelyn managed to hit his target but he couldn’t take it out in one shot so the animal made a run for it. In my opinion, one thing that actually kept me thinking, why did Llewelyn pick up the bullet shells? Is he an environmentally friendly or just he doesn’t like leaving a trace. Human described in term of science by the ration animal for their ability to make judgment, is the human race in favor of instant of intellectual? In the animal kingdom, a predatorShow MoreRelated Femininity against Masculinity in A White Heron Essay1699 Words   |  7 Pagesas a little girl, she often accompanied her doctor father on his visiting patients. The story is about a nine-year-old girl who falls in love with a bird hunter but does not tell him the white herons place because her love of nature is much greater. In this story, the author presents a conflict between femininity and masculinity by juxtaposing Sylvia, who has a peaceful life in country, to a hunter from town, which implies her discontent with the modernization?s threat to the nature. DifferentRead MoreHomo Sapiens: Not so Different Then from Now Essay924 Words   |  4 Pagesarticle Global Capitalism, What’s Race Got To Do With It, â€Å"Fundamentalist version of Christianity, islam, hinduism, and judaism are engaging the passion of people across the class spectrum and shaping the struggles over national boundaries, over the meaning of nation and who constitutes its â€Å"real† members. The legacies of colonial racial and ethnic†¦.nationalisms exploded among former socialists just when they embraced the capitalist road† (Brodkin, Karen, Global Capitalism, What’s Race Got To Do WithRead MoreMovie Analysis : No Country For Old Men938 Words   |  4 Pageswith a bit of thriller in the ‘Tracked’ scene of the 2007 Coen Brothers’ film, No Country for Old Men. I will prove that said scene establishes new aspects against the traditional westerns known internationally by incorporating Rick Altman’s analysis of semantic and syntactic themes in film genre in order to demonstrate the relationship between categorizing the film as a Western and finding the more structural meaning from the actions of the characters throughout the scene. My argument is also reinforcedRead MoreThe Worst Mistake Made By Humans1434 Words   |  6 Pageshowever, it is quite small in comparison to the 1,565,401 square miles of farmland used in the United States today (â€Å"Agricultural Land†, 2016). Why does it matter how much farmland is in the United States? Wasn’t mass farming a good innovation for the country? Wasn’t the Agricultural Revolution a bright spot for human history? In Jack Diamond’s article, â€Å"The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race†, he states that the Agricultural Revolution is the worst mistake made by humans. This assumptionRead MoreThe Developement of Civilization Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesNew Collegiate Dictionary, civilization is †Å"a relatively high level of cultural and technological development, specifically the stage of cultural development at which writing and the keeping of written records is attained†. Other sources trace the meaning of civilization to political, economic, military and social structures as well as the heightened intellectual and artistic aspects of life (Spielvogel,xxxi). Civilization developed as the crises of everyday life necessitated change. As history progressesRead MoreAustralian Aborigines and Their Complex Kinship1215 Words   |  5 Pagesaspects of Aboriginal social structure. The first aspect is the geographical structuring of the society. A tribe of around 500 people is made up of bands of about ten to twenty people each. (Australian, 2012) They join together for day to day hunting and food gathering activities. Each band of people can be called a horde. Within each horde are a number of families. The second part is the religious and totemic structuring of the society. On a religious level the society in much of AustraliaRead MoreNative Americans Pontiac, Red Jacket Essay1175 Words   |  5 PagesJacket, and Tecumseh to see what the relation are with the white men. We are going to see how they gave to the white men and how the white men took from the Indians. Pontiac was an Ottawa Indian; Ottawa derives from the Algonquian atawewin, meaning â€Å"commerce† or â€Å"to trade†. There’s Indians were one of the first to deal with the white men and were told many times to stay away but relied on trades and other things from the white men. Pontiac was allies with the French with trade and other thingsRead MoreEssay about Dbq 1921 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Europeans. European settlers first came to the New World for multiple reasons. It started with Christopher Columbus wanting to find a shorter and quicker route to the East. Failing to do so, he made the New World’s existence known to the Old World. It wasn’t just the Europeans who decided to come to the New World. The Spanish government was informed of the New World by Christopher Columbus himself. The Spanish government sent explorers as well. The Europeans and Spaniards weren’t so friendlyRead More`` Peace, And Its Nobleness And Holiness And Honor1305 Words   |  6 Pagespoet and activist, once explained that poetry in and of itself â€Å"is a political act, because it involves telling the truth.† During World War I, statesmen and politicians propagated the war efforts, asking the men and boys to join the cause and potentially sacrifice their lives for their country. Back in England, war was looked at in the most idealistic light. War was glory. War was honor. W ar was noble. War was good, and it was right for man to fight. Early in the war, some poets portrayed that ratherRead MoreIn Another Country1453 Words   |  6 Pages`In Another Country` By E. Hemingway `In Another Country` by E. Hemingway Hemingway creates a powerful and true-to-life story about real experience of many soldiers who came home but remember all casualties and hardship they were faced with during the WWI. On the other hand, their stories full of bravery, honor and courage. They need to adapt to new world, but the only way for them is to change their habits and personal values. Settings and objects reflect inner psychological state of the characters

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Understanding Our Countrys Founding Fathers - 1740 Words

I think it is of high importance to understand a little more about the personal lives of our country’s Founding Fathers. Understanding the peculiarities of their lives gives us a greater understanding of why they developed our Constitution the way that they did. It also gives us an excellent insight as to what was developing in their minds as they worked to develop a set of rules and standards that sets us apart from other developing nations during the same time period. I feel that delving into their psyche, so to speak, gives us a better understanding of the controversies we have today because we can form a more rational basis as to why our country was conceived in the way that it was. I have attempted to take a more formal role in our various political spectrums, and books such as this one has helped me to do so. As I pursue a Master’s of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation, this book sets my mind up to understand the sophisticated views and philosophies that our nation was framed under. The book is divided into three parts: the Firebrands, the Federalists, and the Republicans and there is a considerable amount of time discussing the major players within those three constructs. The Firebrands were those who tried to get people angry and doing something about a particular political or social cause. William Livingston and the Lees’ of Stratford Hall comprise the individuals who first conceived the notion of a revolt leading to the American Revolution. TheShow MoreRelatedWhat Are The Flaws Of The Founding Fathers?1385 Words   |  6 PagesWhat are the flaws of our founding fathers and may have led them to shape our country? There is a group of men of legendary status who are dubbed the â€Å"founding fathers,† often referred to as the creators of our nation. Their faces are dispersed all across America, ranging from coast to coast, with the obelisk of the Washington Monument on the east coast to Mount Rushmore on the north border of the United States to our everyday money; the founding fathers are quite prevalent in our society. AlexanderRead MoreIs A Perfect Government System?1524 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is my Idea of a perfect Government system? After this semester class and finally understanding our Government in the United States of America, I’ve come to realize that the Idea’s that our founding fathers had put down on paper were perfect. Although putting them into play is a whole different story. No Government is perfect! We all can hope and dream but nothing will ever be perfect. Our Democracy in this country has had to learn from many mistakes over the past 239 years to make â€Å"A moreRead MoreRepresentation Of The Electoral College Essay1183 Words   |  5 PagesOur Founding Fathers’ idea of an Electoral College is not the same as our current Electoral College as amendments have changed their structure and function. Despite the changes and adaptations to our country’s changes, the Electoral College is still the method that selects presidents and vice presidents. Exploration of the structure and function of the Electoral College will provide an opportunity to understand its formation and operation while the debate between the Electoral College and popularRead MoreFounding Brothers By Joseph J. Ellis1479 Words   |  6 Pages In the book â€Å"Founding Brothers† by Joseph J. Ellis, he explores the challenges faced by the Founding Fathers in a series of 6 defining events as they formed a new government for the U.S. after the revolution. Focusing on the more important figures from the revolutionary era, who he calls â€Å"Founding Brothers†, a slight change from the original â€Å"Founding Fathers†. They are as follows: George Washington, John and Abigale Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Arron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, and BenjaminRead MoreGovernment s Effect On The Government Essay1413 Words   |  6 Pagesaffects Americans in several ways that many fail to realize. One could not walk down the street without seeing the government’s effect on our everyday lives. The questions we may have though are what are the levels of government? What is federalism? How does the government affect individuals every day? Do we need government? Do Americans appreciate the importance of o ur government? These are all questions that will be answered for we as individuals must understand how this government works before we canRead MoreDavid Sehat s The Jefferson Rule Essay1697 Words   |  7 Pagesinterpret it, I believe that I have unraveled the rule in a way that remains consistent throughout the book. The rule is to make sure, if you’re a politician, that your policies align with the principles of the Founding Fathers. By having a foundation as credible and trusted as the Founding Fathers’ backing your policies up, they are taken much more seriously by skeptics. This theme played a major role throughout the book, and Sehat did an artful job of synthesizing it with many of the historical eventsRead More Constructing and Reconstructing Essay1291 Words   |  6 Pages1. Woody Holton reveals the motives of the Founding Fathers depend widely on individual judgment of the terms under the Articles of Confederation. Holton claims that historians excessively rely on sources by the Federalist which reveals a prejudiced Federalist view (Hollitz, 110). Woody Holton uses the writings of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton to expose the Founding Fathers deeper motives in writing the Constitution. The Founding Fathers were frustrated because state legislatures had beenRead MoreI Chose The United States Of America As My Case Study,1355 Words   |  6 Pagesstill in effect today. Although it’s far from perfect it has been present since 1776 without signs of it diminishing anytime soon. Understanding the reasons why it was established in the first place is crucial to grasping an educated analysis. Analyzing the United States’ history, background, and governmental design in a hypothetical approach will entail a better understanding in how and why it developed its design that’s persisted until today. However, one must look at the history of the United StatesRead MoreFounding Fathers Reflections : The Generation1398 Words   |  6 PagesErin Tran Period 4 Founding Fathers Reflections Preface: The Generation In the first few pages of this chapter, I thought it was interesting that Ellis really goes into detail about hindsight and far sight saying that because of hindsight, many of the founders could only see the goal of being independent. However there were some that saw the plentiful amount of resources and the potential America had to form a government. But all of the Founding Fathers were not sure that they would winRead MoreThe Principle Of Separation Of Power1494 Words   |  6 PagesOur Founding Fathers were no strangers to the long standing care of a government. Throughout history it has been proven over and over that when any one person is allowed to obtain and stockpile power that he/she becomes the greatest threat to liberty. It is no wonder that the most famous and treasured part of the Constitution, the separation of powers, was molded over hundreds of years. The idea of separation of power is not necessarily a new concept. As far back as 350 B.C. the Greek philosopher

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Visual Symbolism In Picassos Guernica By Pablo Picasso

In 1937, Pablo Picasso depicts an epic event in history in his Guernica using visual symbolism, line, space, light and color which advocates to the observer the truth behind the subject matter of the artwork itself. The line used leads to specific images to tell the story; the space throughout the work is filled with many jagged and sharp shapes with an odd use of positive and negative space. The light and color illuminate the actual scene. Knowing and understanding how the artist uses these three fundamental tools will guide us to the meaning and logic of the artwork. Pablo Picassos use of line gives a sense of direction almost as key to unlock the meaning of the artwork. In our culture we read from left to write. The artist knows this†¦show more content†¦Finally we see the horse leading us back to the bull where between both heads we see the spirit flying away alerting us that soul and spirit is being ripped away, that death is coming no matter if it is in a bull fight or a battle, everything that lives will die. Picassos use of space in this masterpiece leads to similar conclusions to pain, suffering and the eventual death of an ancient city or any living thing. This piece is extremely vivid and the use of space used is probably breaking all the rules of art, but if we think about what we are actually seeing we are not really looking at just art, we are looking at inhumane events in the world and it almost holds an obligation to exploit the boundaries of art to get the desired effect which the artist has done intentionally. Most art works contains non busy and busy areas which are proportional to one another but in life we know that the main focus in the real world is all the chaos and that there is no balance just that tunnel vision effect of the awe stricken horror. Even in the use of light and color Picasso conveys the inevitability of death how we ourselves cause all the suffering and pain in the world, has painted all the living objects white. This brightens the scene bringing to light those who are actually suffering and dying, Thus, leaving all the insignificant objects in theShow MoreRelatedEssay on Critical Analysis - Picassos Guernica1561 Words   |  7 PagesCritical Analysis of Guernica - By Bryce Craig Spanish artist Pablo Picasso can often be collectively seen as the greatest and most influential artist of the twentieth century. In a historical sense he encompassed all that is to be a practicing modernist artist and prevailed as one of the most significant artists overall in human history. Picasso’s most well renowned painting presents to his audience a graphic reflection of the horrors and brutality of war; Guernica (1937) depicts the SpanishRead MorePicasso : The Anti War Symbol872 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction It is not about the history, but the context and symbolism behind the breathtaking canvas of Guernica. This masterpiece and iconic painting was Picasso’s most known but least understood work of art. Because the theme of this multifarious artwork is mainly focused around death, Guernica has many cleverly hidden messages and meanings through the surface imagery. Picasso was aware that sideways or inverted imagery could impact an influential subconscious effect on its viewers (Novacaster)Read MoreDifferences Between Modernism And Modernism1174 Words   |  5 Pagesartists really started to discover innovative ways to create art. There were many artists in each genre of painting, composing, and poetry who had strong influences during the modernists period. The one artist who stuck out the most to me was Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso is one of the most well known artists of the modernism period. The modernism period was an era where there â€Å"was a relentless quest for radical freedom of expression† (The Annotated Mona Lisa, 128). The artists during the Modernists periodRead MorePablo Picasso in Life and Art: A Biography1925 Words   |  8 Pagesï » ¿Pablo Picasso in life and art Biography: Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso is widely considered the most famous and influential artist of the 20th century. What is so unique about Picasso is his scope: he is not associated with a single artistic movement (along the lines of Jackson Pollacks association with Abstract Expressionism or Salvador Dalis association with Surrealism); rather, his career spanned a wide range of styles and aesthetic philosophies. Picassos style was very realistic at theRead MorePablo Picassos Gruernica Essay examples914 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1937, Pablo Picasso depicts an epic event in history in his Guernica using visual symbolism, line, space, light and color which advocates to the observer the truth behind the subject matter of the artwork itself. The line used leads to specific images to tell the story; the space throughout the work is filled with many jagged and sharp shapes with an odd use of positive and negative space. The light and color illuminate the actual scene. Knowing and understanding how the arti st uses theseRead MoreChapter 33 – Early 20th Century5648 Words   |  23 PagesChapter 33 – Early 20th Century Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Throughout history, artists have regularly served political ends by using their art to make visual statements. Which of the following artists has created an overtly political statement with his/her work? |a. |Dorothea Lange | |b. |John SloanRead MoreIwc1 Literature, Arts and Humanities Essay10028 Words   |  41 Pagesarts (visual art, music, literature, theatre, cinema, dance, and architecture) and philosophy. Humanities Traditional stories of a people or culture that serve to explain some of the natural Phenomenon, the origin of humanity, or customs or religious rights. Myths the emblematic mythic characters, images, plot patterns, symbols, and buried assumptions shared across cultures. Archetypes Use of a symbol object , or image to represent something else (i.e. a concept or idea). Symbolism A figure

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A Comparison of Utopian Societies - 885 Words

Ever since the worlds first nation state was created, the number one goal of its citizens has been to create the â€Å"perfect† society. To a majority of people in the novels Brave New World (c.1932) by Aldous Huxley and The Giver (c.1993) by Lois Lowry, a utopia and â€Å"perfect† society has been accomplished. But at a second glance, the world that Huxley creates and Lowry’s community are actually totalitarian dystopias with many secrets. The similarities of both novels are evident and some readers may make the conclusion that Lowry simply wrote a spinoff of Huxley’s novel. Yes, the similarities of these two novels are phenomenal, but so are the differences. Both novels take place in a futuristic society, yet both communities are distinctly†¦show more content†¦The advanced technologies of both societies allow total control to be possible and the elusion of a utopia to be created. The members of each society have agreed to relinquish some freedo ms and pleasures in order to reach a utopian state. The people of both novels have in essence â€Å"gained control of many things. But [†¦] had to let go of others.†(Giver95). Both novels feature a man who represents authority and order in their society. Mustapha Mond and the Giver are two men who are entrusted with the order and authority of their respective societies, they are the men who â€Å"make the laws†(BNW192). The principal conflict of both novels is person vs. society and both Mond and the Giver are leaders/representatives of their societies, so the argument can be made that both of these men are the antagonists of their novels. Mond and the Giver are also given access to things the rest of their communities haven’t even heard of. Both Mond and the Giver are granted the privilege of access to an enormous quantity of restricted pieces of literature. Mond in particular has access to the complete works of William Shakespeare. Brave New World and The Giver may both be sci-fi dystopian novels, but they are unique in their own ways. The major difference in both novels is the family and socialShow MoreRelatedA Comparison Of Thomas Mores Utopia, And The Symposium By Plato1607 Words   |  7 Pageschallenge pre-existing notions in society. The two stories prompt readers to reconsider certain aspects of life which one might have found to be quite one-sided. Thomas More introduces us to an island called Utopia which serves as a model of perfection in each facet of everyday life. In The Symposium, Plato and his friends contribute distinctive interpretations on the origin and meaning of love. Both author’s purpose in their writings was to confront ideas in which society has a rather common shared perceptionRead MoreUtopia, by Thomas More: Your Wost Nightmare Essay1419 Words   |  6 Pagesscholars fail to appreciate the significance of Utopian religious freedom because it stands in the shadow of commun ism, the other great founding principle of Mores fictional republic. Raphael Hythlodaeus, Utopias main character, describes Utopian communism in great detail, contrasting its virtues at length to the vices of private property in Europe. Indeed, he asserts that the abolition of private property is the key to European as well as Utopian political health† (Kessler and Sandford) Read More Humanities’ Irrational and its Effects on a Utopian Society1690 Words   |  7 Pageshuman psyche is divided into rational and irrational drives. Courtesy of Sigmund Freud, it is divided into the id, ego, and super-ego. According to Freud, although the super-ego controls the other two to present ourselves in a rational state within society, the id often tends to be out of complete control by the conscious, making it an unconscious action. For Freud, it’s the recognition that the irrational is there, that it must be controlled to take over. Man’s aggressive nature does tend to overpowerRead MoreAn Analysis Of Aphra Behn s Seventeenth Century Travel Narrative, Oroonoko, And Utopia1289 Words   |  6 PagesThomas More’s sixteenth-century Utopia displays his subtle criticism of English society behind the words of his character Raphael Hythloday, who travels the world and explores the rationality of Utopia. These authors criticize many of the conventions of their time periods through their characters’ explorations into new ideas and territories. In Oroonoko and Utopia, nature and reason lead the natives’ governments and societies instead of the corruption of the wealthy and noble Europeans. Both OroonokoRead MoreCollin Labranche. May 9Th, 2017. Barosky. English 102.1227 Words   |  5 Pages The novel Gulliver s Travels by Jonathan Swift displays the vast difference of the Houyhnhnms society in comparison to ours. Harrison’s essay describes the way our society perceives home much differently than the way Houyhnhnms do. In modern day, and more specifically in the 18th century the family system that we associate with views home as a place for love, family, and support. In comparison to the Houyhnhnms, they use the home as more a community area to gather. Each article by Harrison,Read More Henry David Thoreaus Civil Disobedience and Martin Luther Kings Letter from Birmingham Jail820 Words   |  4 Pagesenduring contemplation of life and its purpose, insightfully analyzes the conflicting relationship between the government and the people it governs. He considerately evokes the notion that the majority of people are restrained by the government and society from making decisions with consideration of their conscience and that people need to overcome the reign of the government to realize their own ethics and morals. King, in accordance, eloquently and passionately contends the injustice presented inRead MoreComparative Essay on Henry David Thoreau in Civil Disobedience and Martin Luther King in Letter from Birmingham Jail820 Words   |  4 Pagesenduring contemplation of life and its purpose, insightfully analyzes the conflicting relationship between the government and the people it governs. He considerately evokes the notion that the majority of people are restrained by the government and society from making decisions with consideration of their conscience and that people need to overcome the reign of the government to realize their own ethics and morals. King, in accordance, eloquently and passionately contends the injustice presented inRead MoreHumans Are Naturally Born Imperfect1680 Words   |  7 Pagesis a world traveler, and philo sopher. However, as a world traveler experiencing many different governments, societies, and ways of life, Hythloday is not pleased by much. Before returning to his home, England, to share the ideologies of this newly settled commonwealth, he lived on the island of Utopia for five years. Some of the many aspects that Hythloday finds perfect of the Utopian society are; the elimination of private property, universal labor, moderated pleasure, and family as a microcosm ofRead MoreThe And Its Impact On Modern Society1578 Words   |  7 Pagescreated fought against each other for authority. Nevertheless, they concluded in a mixed government system where ideologies from both systems were combined into one. Our group’s reverse allegory comic features the computers as the new leaders of the society. We chose the computers as an allegory for Communism due to the fact that technology, in many people’s opinion, is the new hope for human race to prevent or find a solution for our world’s most critical crises. Communism also provided hope in bothRead MoreAnalysis Of `` Inferno And Thomas More s Satirical Dialogue `` Utopia ``1366 Words   |  6 Pagesthe description of the Utopian’s ultimate society. One example of irony in this work is the title, Utopia. Utopia is defined as an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Specifically, it can be referred to as â€Å"no place† or â€Å"no where†. Thomas More believes he is describing an ideal society that everyone would love to exist in when in all reality he’s portraying a civilization that is far from the norm. For example, â€Å"For the Utopians themselves tend a grea t number of eggs,

Case Study Analysis Rough Draft Free Essays

Case Study Analysis Paper (Rough Draft) Case Study Analysis Paper (Rough Draft) How do you make sure that you are prepared early so that you are not running around at the last minute? Many people work at different skill levels and also can handle pressure differently. In order to ease the process it is usually better to keep ahead by preparing the things that are needed in advanced rather than waiting till the last minute. Knowing these types of skills also allows for people to work with less stress since they do not have to meet a deadline so quickly and have time to fully research what is needed to be done. We will write a custom essay sample on Case Study Analysis Rough Draft or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Situation In early April the 15 candidates were hired to work for the Operations Supervisor by one of the new recruiters. At this time the recruiter had six months experience at this job and no previous recruitments done for the company. The recruiter was not working with another recruiter that had more experience at the time to help with this process. Once the 15 candidates where hired he scheduled a new hire orientation to be held on June 15th as to make sure the new hires would be ready for work in July. A little over a month after the 15 candidates were hired the Operations Supervisor contacted the recruiter about all the information, paperwork and other necessities that needed to be done such as drug test, physicals, etc†¦. The recruiter gave assurance to the Operations Supervisor that everything would be handled by the time the orientation would be held on June 15th. The recruiter waited until after Memorial Day to check the records for the new hires to see if their applications were complete and if they had done the mandatory drug screenings and most had not been done. The recruiter then checked for the paperwork that would need to be given to the new hires in around 20 days and there were only three manuals all of which were missing pages making none of them complete. Once this was all the seen the recruiter went on a walk to clear his head and then returned to the office. He went to check on the scheduling of the conference room where the new hire orientation is to be held since he saw that one of the employees from technology services was setting up computer terminals. The schedule showed that the conference room was booked for the whole month for training seminars on the new database implementation that was going to occur. The recruiter is not sure what to do at this point since everything appears to be going wrong and the new hires would not be able to have orientation on time nor will they be able to start by July. Analysis 1: Correcting the problem At this time the recruiter is not sure what to do in order to fix all the problems that have arisen since there is such little time left to the deadline he had set. The wisest decision would be to separate the problems and then take them on one at a time. As far as the conference room situation goes the recruiter can speak with the person that is going to be holding the seminars to see at what times they are to be held. If there are some gaps in between the seminars it can be seen if the scheduling of the orientation would be affected or not. Also if there is a particular day that the seminars would not be taking place the orientation can be rescheduled for that day. The new hires that have not completed all the necessary paperwork or drug tests would be the next point issue to handle. The files would need to be reviewed to see who is missing what paperwork or tests so that they can be contacted accordingly and be given a deadline to complete it all or they will not be hired. In doing this it allows for the follow to seem more personal since the records are being looked at individually and also puts a sense of urgency in the new hire to get it all done. This would also allow the recruiter to contact the new hires with the date of the orientation if it has changed or just to give a reminder of the date if it has not changed. The final problem of the orientation manuals not being complete is next problem to work on. From the three manuals that the recruiter does have he should review each to see what pages are missing from one and see if they are available in one of the others. If all three manuals together can make one complete manual then copies can be run off of all three accordingly to be pieced together to make one manual. Once there is one complete manual then other copies can be made. If the manuals cannot be pieced together to make one then the recruiter would need to contact his or her supervisor to see how to obtain new manuals and the time frame that it would take to get them in. This would allow him to see if the orientation would need to be rescheduled or not due to the time it will take to get manuals for all the new hires. From this point on continued follow up of all the new hires paperwork and drug tests would need to be done to make sure that they will be done before the orientation is held. Following up of the conference room schedule would also need to be done to make sure that there is nothing else newly scheduled that may have interference with the orientation. The final detail that would need to be followed up on is the status of the operations manuals being ready by the date of the orientation, such as checking with who is making them and if they are running behind or if everything is on schedule. Analysis II Proper Procedure There are many different aspects that would need to be revised in order to make sure that issues like this can be avoided in the future. Proper supervision of procedures is one the major aspects that would need to be looked at first. Since the recruiter was new and it was the first recruitment they had done another more experienced recruiter could have shadowed the process to make sure that everything is done correctly. Shadowing would allow for the new recruiter to put to the test their training and if there are points that are not done right it can be caught early. This makes for better teamwork as well as a confidence building situation for the new recruiter. During the hiring process the new hires should be given deadlines to have all of their applications and other necessary paperwork completed in order to continue processing them as a new hire. The same should also be done with the drug testing, rather than giving them till the orientation date they should have a date within 30 days to complete it so that if they don’t they can be given a little more time or there would still be ample time to hire a replacement if needed. With these deadlines in place it has the employees take the time needed to get the tasks done but also does not give them excess time to procrastinate on the getting them done. As far as the orientation paperwork situation goes the recruiter would need to check how many are available right after hiring the employees to make sure that there would be enough. With this being done early then the recruiter would be able to contact the Operations Supervisor with plenty of time to let them know that they are short on the manuals necessary for the orientation. Checking this also allows the recruiter to stay on top of ordering the manuals so that there will always be some in supply as and would only need to order more to replace the ones that are going to be used. Conclusion The best solution that was presents was from the second analysis. This solution sets the goals of the company to not only train their employees better but also to promote teamwork in order to increase accuracy in the way that jobs are done. With the shadowing being done the more experienced recruiter could have had the newer recruiter set up the deadlines for the new hires, as well as how, where and when to check on the paperwork that is needed for the orientation. The communication on how often to check the scheduling log for the conference rooms could have also been brought up. The better the training and teamwork the better the situation turns out. How to cite Case Study Analysis Rough Draft, Free Case study samples

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Question: Discuss About The Simulation Modeling Best Addition Toolkit? Answer: Introduction This report is based on the case study and the various aspects related to the outsourcing business and the operation management theories. The case study states about the BPO and its six sigma project. The BPO has the different three units in which they are dealing and those units are risk management, human resource management and the compensation consulting. It has been observed from the case study that the employee benefits outsourcing(EBO) unit is booming because of the industry trends in the outsourcing business. This report covers the application of the simulation model as well as the action plan to solve the problems faced by the BPO. The problem found in the case was related to the operations of the business processes. However, Six Sigma project was started in order to improve the health and social service delivery process and to manage all the operations of the outsourcing business. The low quality of the services is the main issue found in the case study. However, the services provided by the BPO incorporated is not meeting the expectations of the clients because of which the company is facing the losses from the last years. Jerry has given his opinion to introduce the simulation modeling to improve these health and welfare delivery processes. However, all the different factors that are compelled the company to take the action plan are analyzed as well as some of the steps are also recommended for the organization to improve the efficiency of the business(Khatri, 2009). Overview of the Case study BPO incorporation is offering the range of its services to the clients from risk management to the consultation services to the management and this BPO is already registered under a Fortune 500 professional service organization. This BPO had employed more than 50,000 employees as well as operating in the 100 countries with overall offices more than 500 across the world. There are three different divisions of the BPO which are risk management services, human resource services. The human resource division is divided into two units and they are the EBO (Employee benefits outsourcing) and EPO (Employee processing outsourcing). EBO is the fastest growing outsourcing units, but could not make profits because of the operational problem.Customer satisfaction is the main goal of the company as the company has the positive attitude to solve the problems and make a better operational plan for the company(Srinivasan, 2017). Problem identification In this case study, we have found that the vice president of the BPO, Mr. Allen J Lauren received an email from the Sam Regan, who is the CEO of the HAs company and he was the biggest client of the BPO. He mentioned in his email that he is not satisfied with the services and product provided to him as they are not according to his expectations. However, the first problem is to find an effective way to reply the Sam Regan on his mail about the operational problem of the company. The second problem, the company facing is to improve the health and welfare delivery process in the BPO. To resolve these problems and to know the six sigma project work, the Allen called a meeting with Ethan Ekans who is the Vice president of the operations and Jerry Assistant director of the company. The Allen wanted to know about the Ongoing project of the six sigma which is handled by the Jerry(Wipro, 2010). Allen was upset because of the decrease of $5 to $10 million dollars every year on the revenues of the EBO. The reason found by the Allen is the health and welfare delivery processes. The work culture of the BPO is also important factor that need to study as there are employees who are not trained and unable to handle the queries of the customers. It is very important that the employees of the BPO are fully aware about the plans like six sigma projects or the simulation projects that bring a change in the human resource departments. Six Sigma Project The BPO incorporated is using the Sig Sigma technique as the metric just to improve the quality and measuring the defects of the company. This project was handled by the Jerry and the company already completed with the define and measure phases and rest of the steps are in progress. It is also used to improve the business methodology to focus more on the customer requirements, alignment of the processes and the execution of the processes on time(Kannan, 2006). The main key concepts of the Six Sigma projects are as follows: It is a process of the number of activities that need to be performed in order to produce the product and the services for the various customers. This process is the cross functional in nature. This helps in improving the quality as per the customers requirements for the employee benefit outsourcing. The model is used to define and count the Defects in the quality. The process inconsistencies are thoroughly studied with the help of these models. The main cause of the inconsistencies is also determined and addressed. This is the process of the Six sigma projects that involves the five different steps which are focused mainly on the quality improvement. This closed-loop process eliminates unproductive steps, often focuses on new measurements, and applies technology for improvement. Define: The customer is the main focus as to identify the requirements of the customers, staff and the stakeholders(Erdem, 2007). Measure: This step is used to collect the data to measure or define the process. Analyze:This involves three main activities in order to analyze the situation. The first activity is to compare the current performance with the standards. Secondly, refine the goals of the improvement. Lastly is to segmenting the collected data in order to improve the quality of the process. Improve: Identify the available alternatives for the problem and to analyze the best possible alternative or solution for the particular problem. The implementation of the solution needs full training Control: The last step in the six sigma project is to develop the control plan by determining the process capabilities such as business growth, customer satisfaction, wait time, service time etc. After this implement the process control and close the project(Ogdoc, 2015). However, only the first two steps of the six sigma project have been completed by the Jerry and the rest of the factors need to be completed in order to improve the health and welfare delivery services. Health and Welfare Service Delivery Process The Employee benefits outsourcing group of the human resources involves the Health and delivery services which are administered by the various benefit plans of medical, dental, and survivor plans for 18 clients.EBO group of the BPO performed the admin jobs that provide help to the employees enrolling in the company. There are two levels while dealing with the client organizations. The First level is at the organizational level, where the client organizations provide the weekly database of the employees to the EBO which contains all the information about the position and the status of the employment and salary. The Second level is at the participant level, where the individual client contacted the EBO to resolve the benefit program issues through phone or mails(Barjis Pergl, 2014). But the services provided by the BPO incorporated is not meeting the expectations of the clients because of which the company is facing the losses from the last years. Jerry has given his opinion to introduce the simulation modeling to improve these health and welfare delivery processes. Compelling Analysis There are many factors that compel the BPO to take the actions and adopt the simulation theory in order to solve the problems faced by the BPO. There are many factors that compel the BPO to develop an action plan for the purpose to resolve the problems. The factors or the challenges of the BPO are as follows: Work culture: Talking about the culture of the of the , then it is a great challenge for the company, as it involves the several employees who are not trained and unable to handle the queries of the customers. Although the change in the policies of the HR, this will have a great impact on the plan implementation (Meyer Scrima, 2006). Training: No doubt, the BPO company involves a lot of time in the training of the managers and its employees. But it is necessary to resolve the quality of the services as it will then lead to the growth of the business. Cost factor: - The company is suffering from the losses in the EBO unit because they are not earning profits, because of the cost of hiring a new case manager in the organization involves the high cost. Moreover, the introduction of the new technology to improve the quality of services also adds cost to the company. Orientation of the employees: It is very important that the employees of the BPO are fully aware about the plans like six sigma projects or the simulation projects that bring a change in the human resource departments. Moreover, it is very difficult sometimes to address large number of employees working in the BPO because of which we need to build some action plans(Sharma, Pandla, Gupta, 2014). Action plan There re many models and techniques that can be used by the BPO in order to resolve the issues such as the simulation modeling application in the company. The simulation process helps to resolve the issues. The Action plan of the of the BPO uses the simulation modeling to get the successful results of the plans. The simulation involves the five phases and these five phases will be examined properly(Breyfogle, Cupello, Meadows, 2000). There are some of the points that are given below for the application of the action plan and they are as follows: Analysis of the situation or problem Propose some of the alternative solutions Creation of the plan Implementation of the plan Assess the results Simulation modeling According to the Jerrys opinion, to resolve the problems faced by the companies, it is important to introduce the simulation modeling as an action plan. The simulation methodology is the process that involves several steps to find out the under what conditions the company or any organization fails. In this action, the various steps of the simulation model are listed as below: Step 1: Problem Definition: The first step of the simulation model is the definition of the objectives by critically analyzing the different problems faced by the BPO. The problem occurs at the time of delivery processes in the BPO. As we know the problem, now the next step is to facilitate the data collection and analysis for the process mapping(Chakravorty, 2010). Step 2: Design the study: The objective of the simulation is to resolve the problems faced by the BPO in delivering the services. Now the objective is clear, so the design must be provided for the study like data collection, finalizing the model as well as the time duration of the model need to be set before implementing any plan. Step 3: Design the conceptual model: This is the important stage as it involves the process mapping. The process mapping is useful to understand the various dependent factors exists in the process and then validation of the gathered data is also important(Saxena, 2009). Step 4: Formulation of the inputs and assumptions: this involves the inputs and assumptions feed by the team in order to generate the simulation. The consideration of the assumptions is the most critical step during the simulation process. This is the stage where the accuracy and predictability of the simulation model is determined. Step 5: Build, Verify and validate the simulation model -The output generated in this simulation model is useful for the validation of the accuracy of the simulation model. It is very important that the simulation model should define the scenarios of the real world as much as it can be possible. The simulation modeling accuracy and their acceptance are highly dependent on the assumptions and the objectives. Step 6: Design of Experiments (DOE) -The most important stage is to analyze the situations by designing the different experiments. The What-if Analysis is helpful to find out the other alternatives and the different kind of situations and the implementation of this simulation model. The design of the Experiments is important to make sure that all the future scenarios are simulated or not to select the best possible scenario to solve the problems of BPO delivery services. Step 7: Document and present the model - This is also an important step that ensures the team for the long term learning from this model. Step 8: Define the model life cycle - The model should build always within the boundaries and these boundaries should be defined clearly. When the boundaries such as problem, objective and assumptions change, then the model should be developed again(Bonacorsi, 2012). Appropriate measures As in the case study there are some of the opinions or suggestions given by the Jerry and Ethan to solve the problems. The Jerry suggested that black belt training should be given in the first week of march in order to get the solution of the problem. The Jerry has the opinion that the first week of the training should include the defining and measuring phase and then they will develop the project charter. The best solution to the problem of the BPO is to train the staff as the Sam Ragan mailed that product and services provided by the BPO did not meet the expectations of the company(Emmett, 2007). Moving further, the Ethan suggested an idea of hiring the new case manager who will look after the both positions CSRs as well as BAs (Benefits Administrator). This is the great idea that is given by the Ethan to handle the issues of the CSRs and BAs. The proper training should be given to the case manager in order to handle the more issues in the call center in order to handle the escalated calls and the case manager should hire to manage the work of the two different job positions. Recommendations After analyzing the problems, the following are the recommendation on the behalf of the case study given: Recruitment and selection:According to the Ethan point of view, the company should hire the case managers for the BPO. The recruitment and selection of the employees must be done on the basis of the skills and abilities of the person. The employee should flexible, experienced, risk taker, innovative and confident as the job position is to handle risky and tough situations. Training:This is the most important recommendation to solve the problem. As to improve the health and the welfare delivery services, the training should be given to the employees of the BPO to manage and handle the situations and should focus more on the quality of the services to meet the expectations of the big clients such as CEO of the HA.The proper instructions and guidelines are given to all the employees working in the BPO for the efficient working and focus more on the productivity of the organization. Training should be given to all the employees either its new or old(Erdem, 2007). Application of the models: The models that are used by the BPO to improve the quality of services should be implemented properly. The six sigma project and the simulation models should be applied in the organization to improve the performance of the organization and all the action plans should be implemented on time to get the best results of these plans. Quality management: Quality management means to manage the quality of the services and products in order to reach the satisfaction level of the customers. BPO will earn more profits if the quality of the services provided by them will be better and managed by the top management of the organization. Conclusion This report represents the compelling analysis of the case study and the action plans to solve the problems faced by the BPO. There are two main problems faced by the BPO and the first problem is to find out an effective way to reply the Sam Regan on his mail about the operational problem of the company. The second problem, the company facing is to improve the health and welfare delivery process in the BPO. These problems can be resolved by giving proper training to the employees as well as by hiring the new case manager in order to handle these issues and focus more on the clients expectations. The simulation models and the six sigma models are also suggested, in order to solve the problems of the company. The implementation of the plans should be done efficiently and effectively in order to get the better results. It has been analyzed that the company is not making any profits because of the low quality of the delivery processes. However, training, selection of new employees and th e quality control are some of the recommendations to solve the problems. References Barjis, J., Pergl, R. (2014). Enterprise and Organizational Modeling and Simulation. Springer. Retrieved from Bonacorsi, S. (2012). A Case for Simulation. Bonacorsi Consulting, LLC. Retrieved from Breyfogle, F., Cupello, J., Meadows, B. (2000). Managing Six Sigma: A Practical Guide to Understanding, Assessing, and Implementing the Strategy That Yields Bottom-Line Success. John Wiley Sons. Retrieved from Chakravorty, S. (2010, January). Where Process-Improvement Projects Go Wrong. Retrieved from Emmett, H. (2007). 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